Xross Mode / Feature Overview
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    Feature Overview
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    Xross Mode Feature Settings

    This topic discusses the flow of feature settings on the Xross mode's Plug-in Settings screen. For more information on view type, refer to View Types topic.

    1. Select a view
      Select the view to be configured from Views dropdown of the ribbon area.
      ※Only views with display format set to custom are displayed in the Views dropdown.
    2. Select a mode
      Click the Sheet icon in the upper left and change it to Xross.
    3. Set display items
      Drag and drop the field from the field area to the field drag area.
    4. Feature Settings
      For detailed description about feature settings, see the sub-topics.
    5. Save the settings and update the app
      Click Save and Publish to save the krewSheet settings and overall app settings, and run the app.

    Setting Page

    This section discusses the details of settings page of Xross mode.

    Setting Description
    1 Plug-in information area.


    Ribbon area. Menus of various features.
    3 Field area that displays the fields to be placed in the pivot table area.
    This area displays the following fields:
    • Fields placed in the Form tab of the Kintone app
    • Tables created in the Form tab of the Kintone app
    • Fields specific to Xross mode
      • Calculated Fields
      • Sub fields of Date / Time / Date and time field
        • You can expand the Date / Time / Date and time field. Also, you can cut out the "Year" and "Month" of the Date / Time / Date and time field and calculate them in groups such as "Year" and "Month".
    • Fields automatically assigned by Kintone when the record is created
      • Record number
      • Created by
      • Created datetime
      • Updated by
      • Updated datetime
    • The following fields cannot be used in PivotTable.
      • Rich editor
      • Text Area
      • Attachment
      • Category
    4 Field drag area where you can drop the desired field from the field area to view and aggregate the field. You can customize the display format using the various features of the ribbon area.
    5 Pivot table area is an area in which a pivot table is created based on the fields dragged into the field drag area.
    • Click Save Plugin Setting button to save the krewSheet settings done on this page.
    • On clicking the Save and Publish button, changes done in the app are also saved along with the krewSheet settings done on this page. This operation is same as that of Update App button of the App Settings tab.
    The data in the sheet area of the Plug-In Setting page is not editable. It is displayed as a sample for confirming the value of the setting.

    Ribbon Menus

    • Reuse the Settings by copying them.
    • Change the view type (View Types).
    • Setting up fields
    • Set row height: If Auto Fit Row Height option is checked, the height is automatically adjusted in accordance with the font size.
    • Set format of fields
      • Format: Set the format for each field.
      • Conditional Format: Set the format applied to cells that satisfy certain conditions.
    • Set the first month of fiscal year.
      • The kintone advanced settings for the first month of the quarter are not enabled in krewSheet.
      • Setting the first month of fiscal year affects the date subfields such as "Year-Quarter", "Year-Month", "Year", "Quarter", and "Week".
    • Set Style
    • Freeze Columns: The columns before the one you've selected will be fixed. The frozen columns aren't scrolled.
    • Unfreeze Columns: Release the frozen columns.
    • Subtotals and Grand Totals
    • +/- Buttons: You can choose to show/hide the +/- buttons and expand the buttons during initial display.
    • Show Detail View:Display Source Data
    • Field Drag Area: Set whether to display the field drag area in the Plug-in Settings page.
    • Disable Features
    • Locked Cells Format: Set the text color and background color of cells in non-editable value fields.
    • Cells to Add New Records Format: Display an icon or set a background color in cells where new record is added.