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    View Types
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    Xross mode offers two types of views which are described below.

    Pivot View aggregates data like Excel's PivotTable, whereas Matrix View displays data in a similar layout without aggregating the data.

    The view type can be switched from the "Home" tab of the Plug-in Settings page. Note: Switching the view type will also clear the value field you set.

     Difference between Pivot View and Matrix View

    This table compares the Pivot View to the Matrix View.

    Features Pivot View Matrix View
    Aggregation You can select any aggregation method from Sum / Count / Average / Max / Min / Distinct Count. You cannot select the aggregation method. When multiple records are applicable, the latest record (latest updated datetime) will be displayed.
    Number of fields that can be set in value You can set a single field to multiple values, such as "Sum" and "Count". Only one field can be set to one value.
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