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    Sort and Filter
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    To change the order of row header and column header in the pivot table in Xross mode when you run the app, you can use the Sort from the Field Settings.

    • The sort condition of the kintone view cannot be applied. By default, the characters are sorted in ascending order.

    Method to set

    Select either "Ascending(A to Z) by" or "Descending(Z to A) by" with the radio buttons, and select the row/column field's name or the value field's name in the drop-down list. When you select the row/column field, the number field are sorted in ascending/descending order of the numerical value, date field is sorted in ascending/descending order of the dates, and other fields are sorted in ascending/descending order of the strings. When you select a value field, it will be sorted in the order of the aggregated values.

    If you want to sort in custom order, you need to create a custom list. For more information, refer to Create Custom Sort Order (Custom Lists) topic.


    To filter the displayed records in the Xross mode view when the app is executed, set the Filter and Sort section as shown by the red frame in the screenshot displayed below. If nothing is changed, all records are aggregated and displayed in the pivot table.

    • Unlike Sheet mode, there is no limit of 10,000 records, and "all records of app that meet the filter conditions of the view" will be counted.

    Method to set

    To filter the records, use the feature provided by kintone. For details, see the relevant part of "Configuring Views" in Kintone Help Center.

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