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    Field Setting
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     Field Area

    Setting Description
    1 Tab to switch between Field settings and Format settings.
    2 Displays the selected app name.
    3 Click this icon to display the app selection dialog and to change the selected app.
    4 Click this icon to display data of the selected app. Maximum 500 data records can be displayed.
    5 Displays fields of the selected app. Icon on left of the field name and purpose of the field depends on field type of the kintone app.
    Icon kintone Field Type Description
    Number / Calculated When a field is dragged to the "Value" box, you can select any of the aggregation methods supported by the krewDashboard.
    Date / Date and time Aggregation methods that can be used are count, max, min and distinct count. Also, each field can use the following sub-fields.
    • Year (Date / Date and time)
    • Quarter (Date / Date and time)
    • Month (Date / Date and time)
    • Week (Date / Date and time)
    • Weekday (Date / Date and time)
    • Day (Date / Date and time)
    • Time (Date and time)
    • Minute (Date and time)
    • "Year" and "Week" are affected by the "First month of the fiscal year" setting. If April is the beginning of the fiscal year, the "year" of March 1, 2020 will be 2019, and April 1, 2020 will be the first week.
    • The week starts on Sunday. The week number starts on the first day of the starting month of the fiscal year and the number increases on the following Sunday.
    Time You can select any of the aggregation methods supported by the krewDashboard. Also, each field can use the following sub-fields.
    • Time
    • Minute
    Others Aggregation methods that can be used are count and distinct count.
    ※Rich text, Multi-choice, Attachment, Category cannot be used in krewDashboard.
    Table Fields within table can also be used in the krewDashboard. Aggregation methods can be used as per the abovementioned three rules.
    6 Drag the fields you want to visualize to the Axis(Category), Legend(Series), and Value. The data is aggregated by grouping it by the fields used in Axis and Legend.

    Axis(Category) and Legend(Series) work in conjunction with the chart.

    Similarly, pivot tables work in conjunction with rows and columns.

    You can sort or filter the data by clicking the filter button. For more information, see the topic below.
     Aggregation Method

    On dragging a field to Value box, numeric data gets aggregated as Sum (non-numeric fields are aggregated as Count). You can change the aggregation method, if you want to see changes in number of orders and the average purchase price.

    Click gear icon on right side of the field name and click Edit...  to change the aggregation method from dialog that gets displayed.

    krewDashboard supports following aggregation methods:

    Summarize Value By Description
    No aggregation Display value of record as it is (Supports scatter and bubble chart)
    Sum Sum total of numeric values
    Count The number of nonempty values
    Average Average of numeric values
    Max Maximum numeric value
    Min Minimum numeric value
    Distinct Count Number of unique data, including data with blank values

    In addition to selecting an aggregation method such as "sum" or "average", you can also aggregate by specifying the calculation type and comparing other aggregated values. krewDashboard supports the following calculation types:

    Show Values As Description
    No calculation

    Displays the calculation result specified in [Summarize Value By]

    Running Total In Displays the cumulative value of [Base Field]

    • Grand totals in pivot table are blank when calculating running totals.
     Change the Value Field Name

    Value field name is a combination of the aggregation method and the field name, such as "Average of Sales". Click gear icon on the right of the field in the Value box and select Edit... to display a dialog where you can change the value field name.

    • Original name cannot be specified in the value field name.

    Example) Change "Average quantity" to "Average Sales" and "Total sales amount" to "Total Sales" in value fields of pivot table.

    • Following fields can not be used in krewDashboard.
      • Rich text
      • Multi-choice
      • Attachment
      • Category
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