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    Set Sub Window
    In This Topic

    You can display a sub window at the right or bottom of the krewSheet to display text from long sentences of the text (multi-line) field or record detail page.

    You can also display the krewDashboard in a sub window

    • To display krewDashboard in a krewSheet's subwindow, a separate krewDashboard contract must be created.
    • To get started with krewDashboard, refer to its Get Started topic.

    To use the Sub Window, perform the following steps.

    1. Click App Settings tab on the App Setting Screen, click the gear icon from "Plug-in" to open the krewSheet settings screen.
    2. Click Sub Window in the View tab of the ribbon.
    3. The following screen appears.
      Specify the type for what you want to display in the sub window, such as a Text (multi-line) field, and click OK. For details on setting values, see Sub Window Settings below.
    4. Check Show Sub Window in the View tab of the ribbon.
     Sub Window Settings

    (1) Settings for entire Sub Window

    In the above image, (1) shows the settings for entire sub window.

    Settings Description
    Tab Style Specify whether to toggle between sub window items using an according display or tab display.
    Position of Sub Window Specify whether the sub window is displayed to the right or below the krewSheet.

    (2) Settings for each item

    In the above image, (2) shows the settings for each item in the sub window.

    Settings Description Supported Type
    Title Specify the name of the header part in the sub window. "{Type}" is the type and "{fieldname}" is the field name of kintone. The displayed content depends on the language setting of your kintone account. It is also possible to combine "{type}" and "{fieldname}" like "{type} (field name: {fieldname})" to display the " Text (multi-line field) (field name: Remarks)". "{Fieldname}" can be used when "Text (multi-line field)" is specified for the type. Text (multi-line field) / Record Details Page
    Type You can display any of the following in the sub window.
    • Text (multi-line field)
    • Record Details Page
    • krewDashboard
    Display comment in open state Specify whether to display the comment in the open state or closed state when "Record Details Page" is specified as the Type. Record Details Page
    Read-only Specify whether to allow editing within the sub window. Text (multi-line field) / Record Details Page
    Field Specify the field to be displayed when "Text (multi-line field)" is specified as the Type. Text (multi-line field)
    ID krewDashboardからの参照用に一意の文字列が自動的に生成されます。A unique string is automatically generated for reference from krewDashboard. krewDashboard

    If you click the expand / collapse button on the krewSheet (plug-in) setting screen and save while the sub window is closed, the sub window is displayed in a closed state intially while opening the krewSheet list.

    You can also change the size of the sub window and the tab displayed during initial display by operating them on the setting screen in the same way.

    • When you are displaying related sheets, what you want to see in the sub window must be set separately for the main sheet and each related sheet.
    • Only Text (multi-line) fields can be displayed individually in the sub window.
    • Text (multi-line) fields can be displayed both in sheet and sub window.
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