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Kintone Data Visualization Plugins

Manage Your Kintone Data

Do you love Kintone but miss the flexibility of Excel spreadsheets?

Krew is a collection of data visualization plug-ins for Kintone. Krew offers enhanced data visualization via spreadsheets and dashboards with the familiar UI of Excel.

Code-Free Data Visualization Plugins

Codeless Interface

A code-free, drag-and-drop design is easy to use for non-technical end-users.

Excel-like UI

Excel-like data manipulation allows you to add, edit, duplicate, and delete records quickly and easily.

Highly Customizable

Customize and style your data with conditional formatting and freeze-panes. 


With out-of-the-box data visualization features, anyone can easily add advanced functions to Kintone.

Interactive Dashboard Plugin

Visualize and Aggregate Kintone Data

Display real-time data in a dashboard — code-free.

Ideal for:

  • Budget Tracking
  • Lead Management
  • Omni-channel Sales Management
  • Daily Sales Report 
  • Inquiry Management 
  • Factory Performance Management
Easily Identify Trends Across Apps

Visualize and aggregate data one centralized place, across multiple Kintone apps.

  • Categorize data with user-defined filters
  • Cross filter and drill-down on multiple charts  
  • Create additional calculated fields directly on charts and pivot tables
  • Export data from dashboards or independent charts to PDF or image files
  • Export data to Excel and CSV 

Visualize Your Data with Charts & Graphs

Line Charts

Bubble Charts

Pie Charts

Radar Charts

Pivot Table

Funnel Charts

Bar Chart


Spreadsheet Plugin

Edit Kintone Data in a Spreadsheet

Edit Kintone data in a spreadsheet view with all of the familiarity of Excel.

  • View and edit the Kintone views just as you would in Excel.
  • Familiar UI, it mimics like any standard spreadsheet program 
  • Add an extra level of flexibility and visibility of data within Kintone

High-speed Editing with Improved Data Styling

View and edit the Kintone views just as you would in Excel. You can use Excel-like lists on the Kintone view screen.

Ideal for:

  • Budget and expenses management apps
  • Account management apps
  • Inventory management apps

Edit Kintone Data in a Spreadsheet Custom View

300+ Excel Functions

Perform complex calculations with over 300 Excel functions. 

Drag & Drop Interface

Easily add and remove columns with a built-in drag-and-drop UI.

Improved Conditional Formatting

Style your data for better visibility with conditional formatting and freeze-panes.

Enhanced Display & Edit Functionality

Display and edit tables and related records from the record list view.

Enhanced Customization

Style your data for better visibility with conditional formatting and freeze-panes.

A Data Manipulation Plugin for Kintone

Manipulate Data & Create Custom Data Sources from Multiple Apps

Aggregate Kintone app data in real-time or via schedule with krewData.

  • Manipulate data and create custom data sources from multiple apps
  • Sort, filter, join, modify field types, combine records,
  • Use a simple drag and drop interface to create data edition workflows
  • Schedule data workflows, execute them realtime, or both
Transform Your Business Through Data Visualization

In this webinar, we'll discuss the challenges that many companies experience with data visualization.

  • Overcoming data silos
  • How to enhance collaboration workflows
  • Guidance on how to manage communication workflows with a unified data visualization platform 

Free 30-Day Trial

Visualize and manage your Kintone data.

Try Krew's dashboard and spreadsheet data visualization plugins for Kintone.