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    Steps to grant permissions in a krewData app are same as in the case of kintone (Setting App Permissions).

    krewData is a plug-in that can aggregate and process the data of multiple kintone apps, hence it is recommended to set permissions and provide operation rights to a specific administrator only.

    In case you wish to grant permissions of using krewData app to a user other than App creator, set permissions same as App creator. In such case, it is recommended not to give permissions to Everyone. Instead, add an individual user or group to grant permissions.

    If a user other than "App creator" has to run the data editing flow, you need to grant "Add records" permission to that user.

    • Data editing flow of krewData does not support simultaneous editing by multiple users. Please note that simultaneous editing by multiple users may lead to loss of either of the editing results or corruption of the data editing flow.
    • The krewData app does not create execution logs if "Add records" permission is not given to the user executing data editing flow.

    Following is the behavior of krewData plug-in in absence of a particular permission:

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