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    krewData can be used by adding krewData plug-in to krewData apps. This topic discusses about krewData apps in detail.

    krewData apps can be used by downloading the app template from here.

    Schedule execution logs are stored as record information of this app (Note that you need to apply for evaluation version separately on the website at the time of getting the krewData plug-in).

    Real time execution logs are maintained using a separate app as the number of records in this case is usually huge. Log file for krewData Real time execution can be created through the krewData plug-in.

     Execution Logs

    The execution logs for maintaining execution result of a scheduled data editing flow are recorded in the krewData app.

    The execution logs are created when data editing flow executed in the following ways is completed:

    • When data editing flow created in the schedule execution tab is executed manually from the flow setting page.
    • When executed automatically at scheduled time
    Real time execution logs are not recorded in the krewData app but in the Log Output App.

    Following image displays the information that is recorded in the execution logs.

    Information logged in the execution logs suggest about time of executing the data editing flow, count of input and output records etc. krewData uses the kintone API for loading the data from input app, creating the output app, and data registration. You can also get information about number of API requests made during a data editing flow.

    The execution logs which are not required anymore can be deleted just like a usual kintone app.

    Form settings for krewData app are as follows:

    Field Name Field Code Description
    Created datetime Created_datetime Time of record creation
    Data Editing Flow flow_name Name of data editing flow that has been executed.
    Execution Type exec_type Type of data editing flow (real time/scheduled)
    State state Execution result of data editing flow (Success/Fail)
    Start Time start_time Time when data editing flow starts
    End Time end_time Time when data editing flow ends
    Input Records input_records Number of records used by data editing flow
    Output Records output_records Number of records generated by running data editing flow
    API Counts api_counts Number of API requests made during data editing flow
    Command Counts command_counts Number of krewData commands included in data editing flow
    Schedule ID ScheduleId ID of data editing flow
    Flow Version DataFlowVersion Version of data editing flow
    Log Message error Error logs if execution result of data editing flow is "Fail"

    The execution logs are not recorded properly if the above mentioned form settings of krewData app are changed. In case you have changed the form settings by mistake, restore the form as shown in the table above.


    In krewData app, kintone reminder notification is registered to check result of data editing flow automatically executed by the schedule setting.

    Notification is sent when record is registered in the execution logs. Default notification criteria and their recipients are mentioned in the table below.

    Notification Criteria Recipient
    When execution result contains "Success" Creator
    When execution result contains "Fail" Creator

    Notification criteria can be changed through App Settings tab by clicking the Reminder Notifications under Notifications category. For detailed steps, see Reminder Notification Settings.

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