Runtime Operations / Runtime Screen
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    Runtime Screen
    In This Topic

    A dashboard as shown in the image below is displayed on running the krewDashboard. This topic discusses various details of screen that is displayed.

     Command Bar

    Command bar is the toolbar that gets displayed on top of krewDashboard.

    • Full Window
      Lets you display the dashboard in full window.
    • Reload
      Reloads the records from server.
    • Export
      Exports the dashboard to a file (File Export).
    • Design
      Displays the Plug-in Settings page. You need to enable this from General settings (Disable Features).
      ※User needs app administration permissions to perform plug-in settings.
     Comment Button

    You can use the Comment button on right side of the krewDashboard to use the Comment feature just like kintone. For more details, see Comment .

     Chart Menu

    When mouse cursor is moved on a chart or a pivot table, menu buttons get displayed on the top right.

    • Full Window
      Lets you display an individual chart or pivot table in a full window.
    • Filter & Sort
      Lets you set the sorting and filtering. For more details, see Sort and Filter.
    • Export
      Exports an individual chart or pivot table to a file. For more details, see File Export.
     Page Tab

    Page tabs get displayed at the bottom of krewDashboard where you can switch between Pages.

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