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    Similar to Comment feature of kintone, krewDashboard also lets you communicate by posting comments.

    Comment (thread) list gets displayed on clicking the   icon on right side of dashboard screen. krewDashboard lets you post comments in different threads.

    To post a comment, you can expand a thread by clicking on it. If needed, you can also specify the comment recipient.

    • Comment cannot be posted if comment feature is disabled in the app settings.
    • You need to create an app by following the (2)Create an App section of Get Started.
    • Permission settings of kintone are valid in krewDashboard comments. For more information, see Permissions.
    • Like and Link feature of comments cannot be used in kintone API, hence it cannot be used in krewDashboard as well.
    • Recipient can be mentioned in the beginning of comment only and not in between the comment.
    • Only recipient cannot be mentioned without any other text in the comment.
    • Comment of krewDashboard cannot be used on the detail screens or krewSheet subwindows.
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