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    Clipboard Operations
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    You can copy/cut/paste data in the pivot table. You can paste the pivot table's data onto another application like Excel. You can also paste data from another application like Excel onto the value field of the pivot table. These operations can be performed not only on a cell range, but also on an entire row or column.

    • When there are read-only cells (including header and subtotals / grand totals) on the pivot table, skip these cells to perform cut-and-paste operations. Read-only cells are also subject to copying.

    Copy/Cut/Paste Operations

    Copying in Pivot Table

    Perform the above operations to move or copy data in the selected cell, row, column. or sheet to another location in the pivot table.

    Copying to Another Application (Such as Excel)

    To copy data in a cell, row, or column to another application such as Excel, use one of the operations described above to store data in the clipboard.

    If a cell or cells of pivot table are cut and pasted onto other cells of pivot table, the values in the source cells will be cleared. When they're pasted into Excel or another window, the values in the source cells will be kept as it is. This behavior is similar to Excel.