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    krewDashboard Overview
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     krewDashboard Structure

    krewDashboard provides two parts, one is design part(app settings) where app administrator can set up the app and other is the execution part where a general user can work with the dashboard while running the app. Each of them operates on the Plug-in Settings page and View screen(Custom view displaying the dashboard) of app settings respectively. krewDashboard is a plug-in that works inside kintone.

    • In addition to the View screen, krewDashboard can also be displayed on the detail view screen and krewSheet sub window.
     Display Area

    krewDashboard can be displayed on the view, detail view screen, and krewSheet sub window. In order to display in each area, you need to add one of the areas to your app as shown in the table below.

    Display area Essential additions for app Required process
    View screen Customize view Add a Custom View in the app view creation screen
    Detail view screen Blank space field Place the blank space field on the form setting screen
    krewSheet Sub window Add a sub window on the krewSheet's plugin setting screen

    View Screen

    Display krewDashboard on the customized view screen.

    Detail View Screen

    Display krewDashboard on the detail view screen of kintone. You can also aggregate by specifying the values of the displayed records as filter conditions.

    krewSheet Sub Window

    Display krewDashboard in a subwindow of krewSheet. You can also aggregate by specifying the values of the displayed records as filter conditions.

    • A separate krewSheet contract is required to display krewDashboard in a krewSheet sub window.
    • ※For details about how to start using krewSheet and how to set sub window, refer to the following topics.
     Role of kintone and krew

    krewDashboard is a plug-in for aggregating kintone app data and visualizing it in the form of a pivot table or a chart. krewDashboard does not make any changes to data, so there is no impact of any krewDashboard operations on original data of the kintone app.

    Settings of krewDashboard are done on the settings page of plug-in. All other settings except krewDashboard plug-in settings such as app creation and other various app settings are done on settings page of kintone just like usual kintone apps.

    Basically, all app settings such as permissions are also valid for krewDashboard. For more information about applicability of setting values, see App Settings

    Get Started

    For detailed steps about how to start using krewDashboard, see Get Started.

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