KrewData Features / Real Time Execution
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    Real Time Execution
    In This Topic

    Real time execution can execute data editing flows placed in the target execution unit through Webhook notification or an API call from a kintone application.

    • Real time execution has a limit of 5 executions per minute for a single execution unit and does not support operations that require execution frequency exceeding the limit.
    • To change a data editing flow which is executed according to the type of operation such as adding record or updating status through Webhook notification, you need to create execution unit for each operation.

    Group Execution

    One execution unit can have multiple data editing flows which are executed as per the execution order. Next data editing flow is executed after one execution has been completed.

    Using Flows from Schedule Execution Tab

    You can add data editing flows created in the Schedule Execution tab to the execution units and run them at real time using the Webhook notification or API.

    Using Real Time Execution

    In real time execution, first step is to create "execution unit" which is invoked by the Webhook notification or an API and to add data editing flows that define the steps to aggregate or process the data of kintone app. Then, add krewData commands to the data editing flow and set how to aggregate or process the data. Finally, run the created data editing flow to register, update or add data to the kintone app.

    1. Create and Manage Execution Units
    2. Configure Data Editing Flow
    3. Executing Execution Unit
    4. Execution Logs
    • There is a limit on number of data editing flows (real time execution flow count) that can be executed according to the license. Restrictions are applied on a per kintone domain basis.
      • Two data editing flows set in a single execution unit are counted as "2" real time execution flows.
      • If data editing flow created in Schedule Execution tab is added to an execution unit, it is counted as a real time execution flow as it will be executed through real time execution.
    • Execution unit is not executed if user information is not entered or is invalid.
    • URL gets disabled and execution is not performed from next time onwards if license or user information is invalid.
    • Registered URL gets disabled on next execution if the krewData app in which execution unit was created is deleted.