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    Reference Line
    In This Topic

    By using reference line feature of krewDashboard, you can draw a line at a fixed value such as upper limit or at a calculated value such as average or maximum value.

    Set Reference Line

    You can add a reference line by using Add Chart Element in the Design tab of ribbon area. You can add multiple reference lines.

    Once added, you can style reference line in the Format area on right side.

    To delete the added reference line, select the reference line to be deleted from Add Chart Element > Reference Line > Delete Specific Reference Line. All reference lines are deleted on selecting Reference Line > None.

    You can set following items of a reference line.

    Category Item Remarks
    Line Line Type Select from solid, dashed or dotted lines
    Line Color
    Line Width
    Text Fill Color Select the color of label text
    Text Font Font Size
    Text Editor Label None: No label
    Custom: Display custom text
    Value: Display a value
    Custom and Value: Display text and value
    Custom Text Enter the text required in case of Custom or Custom and Value in label.
    Reference Line Name Name to identify on the Plug-in Settings page of krewDashboard.
    Type Choose from Constant(specified value), Sum(total of all values), Average, Maximum, Minimum and Median
    Axis Type In case of constant, specify on which axis the reference line should be drawn in following chart types
    Scatter/Bubble chart: Select from X-axis or Y-axis
    Composite chart: Select from Primary Axis or Secondary Axis
    Value Specify the constant value
    Value Field Select the value field to be used in the case of aggregates, that is, Sum, Average, Maximum, Minimum and Median
    Number Format Display format of value label
    Label Position Position Specify the position of label

    The reference lines that can be used for each chart type are as follows. Numbers, gauges and pivot tables do not support this feature.

    Chart Type Constant Sum Average Maximum Minimum Median
    Stacked Column - - - - -
    100% Stacked Column - - - - -
    Stacked Line - - - - -
    100% Stacked Line - - - - -
    Pie - - - - - -
    Doughnut - - - - - -
    Stacked Bar - - - - -
    100% Stacked Bar - - - - -
    Stacked Area - - - - -
    100% Stacked Area - - - - -
    Filled Radar
    Funnel - - - - -
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