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    In This Topic

    This topic discusses the guidelines and limitations while handling bulk data on krewDashboard.

    Following usage may have impact on performance. So, in order to optimize the performance, we recommend you to set the design while keeping these points in mind. Performance also depends on the PC specifications and network environment.

    While krewDashboard doesn't impose a limit on the number of records, retrieving data through the kintone API could take longer if the data app contains a large number of records or fields. And, retrievng data through the kintone API becomes a bottleneck in terms of performance, especially when processing the entire krewDashboard contains a large number of records.

    Furthermore, it should be noted that the kintone API can only retrieve a maximum of 500 records in one go. Consequently, the number of API requests will rise in proportion to the number of records.

    Example) If 20 users open a data app dashboard containing 10,000 records 50 times a day : 10,000/500 x 50 = 1,000 request

    When Record and Field Count is Large

    When number of records and fields is large in a data app, you can improve the performance by using following method.

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