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    Drill Down
    In This Topic

    Drilldown is an interactive feature that allows you to look into the aggregation level of your data from high level aggregation to detailed aggregation for an in-depth view. For example, you can drill down into the aggregated data for each shipping city such as Frankfurt and Cunewalde and display the data for each country such as Germany and Sweden.

    You can restore the drilled down data through breadcrumbs at the top left of the chart or by selecting Drill Up from the context menu of the chart category.

     Drilldown Settings

    You can enable drill down of a chart from Format settings of the chart area.

    When drilldown is disabled (default), the axis fields are displayed hierarchically as shown in the image below.

    • Drill down feature can be used in the standard edition only.
    • Only Axis(Category) fields can be used in drill down. This operation can not be performed for Legend(Series) or Value fields.
    • Drill down cannot be used in the following chart types.
      • Pie
      • Doughnut
      • Scatter
      • Bubble
      • Funnel
      • Gauge
      • Number
    • +- buttons can be used for performing drill down and drill up operations in the pivot table.
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