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    Find and Replace
    In This Topic

    Method to Operate

    There are two ways to find and replace a string in a cell on a pivot table.

    1. Select the Find button on the command bar.
    2. You can also use shortcut keys.
      ・Find: Ctrl + F (⌘ + F for Mac OS X)
      ・Replace: Ctrl + H (⌘ + H for Mac OS X)
      When using these shortcut keys, the focus must be placed on krewSheet's pivot table. Otherwise, the find screen of the browser is displayed, instead of the find screen of krewSheet. Note that, when you find records through the find screen of the browser, correct records cannot be found in cells of pivot table.

    Scope of Find and Replace

    You can specify whether the app finds the target string in all cells in the pivot table or in the selection.

    • You can search for a string in a cell at a row or column header, but you cannot replace it.


    The "Find and Replace Data" dialog is displayed. The red frames indicate optional settings.

    Setting Values in Dialog