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    Filter Records
    In This Topic

    Filter Records command filters the records according to the specified condition. It lets you specify the filtering conditions using filter or formula of kintone.



    Settings of this filter is same as that of kintone filter. For detailed information about settings, see Filtering Records to Be Displayed of kintone documentation.

    If selection items are added or their order is changed in following field types by changing the app settings after the filtering conditions for target field has been set in the filter, items selection in filter might get changed. Hence, in such case, it is recommended to check the filter settings and change as required.

    • Radio button
    • Check box
    • Multi-choice
    • Drop-down


    Setting Description
    Formula Click the Edit... button to open the Insert Function dialog and specify the formula. Formula is executed record-wise, hence filtering the records with result TRUE.

    This example demonstrates how to filter the records which have "Travel" as value in Account field.

    Input Data

    Command Settings

    In case of filter

    Field Condition Value
    Account [includes any of] Select "Travel"
    Settings Page

    In case of formula

    Account = "Travel"
    Settings Page

    Execution Result